About Us

We are Dr. Ved - a Vedic Astrology Application. We are a dedicated team of authentic Vedic Astrologers from Nepal. Our app stands to be a solution to anyone who is seeking accurate personalized astrological reading. When you ask us a question, your personal Astrologer goes through an in-depth calculation and analysis process of your Vedic Natal Chart, which is prepared by your Astrologer with regards to the birth information you have provided. We are able to predict different aspects of life including fortune. Our predictions are person specific and the accuracy depends upon how accurate of your personal information you have filled in the application. Generic astrology predictions are thing of past, have your predictions customized to your birth information, ask Dr.Ved now.

Our Services

We provide Vedic Astrology Services. Our Astrologers carefully examine the kundali (Birth chart) and the position & movement of planets.This is an ancient Hindu science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. Our professionals study each and every thing carefully of every horoscope.

Based on Vedic Astrology, our astrologers predict health, sex horoscope, wealth, family, study, carrier, love, relationship, divorce, child, aura, nirvana, Yodha : power, marriage compatibility & yoga based on the position of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu on different horoscopes and signs in your birth chart.

There is scientific fact that the moon and sun movements affect tides and other events. This lends weight to the argument for the science of Astrology. If celestial occurrences affect the earth and nature and plant life, why then would it not also affect human life? The debate continues, but for believers Astrology is a science, something that can affect their lives and from which they can obtain knowledge of future and past events.

With the FREE to download Dr. Ved app you'll enjoy :

  • Instant access to your personal astrologer anywhere, anytime at your finger tips.
  • User friendly easy interface - your answer is just a click away.
  • Professional Vedic astrologers from Nepal.
  • Customer focused customer service.


How Does it work?


Fill in your profile with your birth details.


Feel free to ask any question.


An astrologer will read your birth details create a birth chart and make a prediction.


Purchase additional questions as needed.


For every paid question you get 100 points, when you collect 1,000 points you get a free question.

What Can I Ask?

You can ask us almost anything. Some of such are listed below:


  1. When is it that I am going to find myself with the perfect partner?
  2. Are there any chances that I am going to be in a new relationship anytime soon?
  3. Should I start living together with my current partner?
  4. What are the ways for me to get more closer and intimate with my current partner?
  5. What’s the reason behind the break up I had to go through in the past year?
  6. Was it a good decision for myself to have decided to part ways with my ex-partner?
  7. What will make me encounter my future husband?
  8. Can I be assured of my partner’s loyalty?
  9. What are the romantic prospects for me this year? How can I make my love-life more interesting?


  1. Am I heading towards the right and destined direction in my life? What do the stars have to tell?
  2. Who am I? What are the natural traits in me that remain to be uncovered?
  3. What are the prospects to follow in the days nearby?
  4. Am I socially acceptable and do people appreciate my company?
  5. What is my true goal in this life?
  6. What’s the perfect gemstone for me to flaunt?
  7. Do I have the luck to become extravagantly famous or successful?
  8. Which animal would be suitable for me to pet?
  9. What coloured clothes would help retain positivity within me?


  1. Are there any significant callings within a week or two?
  2. When can I be socially active again? I haven’t heard from my dear ones since quite a time.
  3. There is a contest I have to go through soon. What are the odds for me to win it?
  4. How do the present days look?
  5. I have thought of re-designing my courtyard. When would be a great time to commence it?
  6. Academics
  7. What sectors of education would help bring the best in me?
  8. Would it be possible for me to join the university of my preference this year?
  9. Should I start working already or give continuation to my studies? What do the stars suggest?
  10. What are the ways for me to grow intellectually and motivate myself in doing better with my studies?


  1. When will a good employment opportunity fall upon?
  2. I am seeking promotion in my workplace. When will I be able to get it?
  3. Is it the right time for me to shift my work-place?
  4. I am nervous about my fresh work-place. How can I boost my confidence and amend relations withmy co-workers?
  5. There’s are job interview I need to go through soon. How can I ace it?


  1. Am I a good beholder of money? How can I improve my relationship with money?
  2. Do the stars have to say anything about prospects for me to become immensely rich?
  3. When will I stop seeking financial assistance from my family?
  4. Deliver me with some appropriate dates for me to drop a loan application.


  1. Do I have the potential to become a decent business personnel?
  2. What sectors of business should I choose and harvest my money in?
  3. I have a family business. Should I try expanding it or change my sphere?
  4. When would be an auspicious date for me to commence a new business?
  5. Is partnership business good for me? If not, what are some good options for me to be established asa good businessman?


Due to intense algorithmic process of calculation, our astrologers have to spend a good amount of time personalising your prediction. We believe that a service like this should be available to all for an affordable price. That is why we have set our price to as low as 4.99 AUD per question. The price may vary according to the region depending upon the tax arrangement in that region and various other factors.

We believe that customer satisfaction is key to any business. That is why we give a free question after every 10 paid questions. This is a small gesture of gratitude from our side to make you feel special ever time you use Dr. Ved.